How to spot a fake phone before you buy


How to spot a fake phone

Nowadays, spotting a fake phone is really difficult because fake phone producers now make their phone even more sophisticated than the original. But the difference is still clear.

Fake phones don't last, they develop many problems that will probably knock you off your feet and leaving you with the option of discarding it.

I'll be listing the differences between a  fake phone and original phone.

1. Storage space : Fake phones don't have real storage spaces. To confirm this, go to settings, check storage space and carefully observe the remaining space. You will realise that it is not what it's said to be.

2. Screen ratio: this is another way to spot a fake phone. In original phones, the screen ratio reaches the frame of the phone, while in fake phosnes, the screen ratio has a solid black boarder sorrounding the screen.

3. Brightness : Fake phones have a brighter backlight more than the original. Most times you can't control the backlight even with settings.

4. Misspelling Phone's name: If it's not written as INFINIX, it is fake. If its not written as TECNO, it is fake.

There are many other ways to spot a fake phone. You can add yours in the comment session. 

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